Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Finest Plastic Russia has to Offer

In Portland, OR I stayed with my wonderful hosts Malena and Graham and, in a stroke of beautiful symmetry, last night I stayed in Claremont, CA with Malena's parents, John and Jeanyne.

It was two weeks ago now, but while in Portland, in between visits to Powell's Books and Stumptown Coffee, I shot a bunch of pictures with my Holga camera. This camera uses something you may have heard of, called "film." Apparently it's a photo-chemical process of some kind. What will they think of next?

Looking at the pictures below, you may be inclined to think that I traveled back in time, but no. For better or worse, this road trip is confined to the more usual three dimensions. The illusion is due to the vintage magic of the Holga and, in the case of the first picture, the vintage magic of Malena, and her mid-century home.

P.S. Apparently, my post on the Kindle failed to consider one possible benefit to the traveler (at least while in the US).

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  1. In all honesty, I do kind of miss film cameras. I like the fact that I can take multiple shots and make sure I've got (what I consider) a good picture, but I miss the excitement of picking up my printed pictures and sorting through them with a sense of glee. I guess I'm just childish like that.