Friday, May 22, 2009

Road Trip in Numbers



After driving around the US for the past three and a half months I have arrived in Minnesota where I'll be visiting my parents for a few weeks before leaving the country. I thought it would be good to recap with a few numbers.

Length of road trip in days: 106

Miles driven: 11,445

Friends visited: 13 (multiple friends living under the same roof are counted as one)

Highly unlikely coincidental meetings: 2

Run-ins with the law: 1

Museums visited: 15

Dollars spent on gas: 848.15

Hospital visits: 1

Oil changes: 2

Cameras purchased: 2

Cameras built: 1

National parks visited: 10

Photos taken: 5764

Blog posts: 16


  1. Where's the link to the hospital story?
    And how many brunches?

  2. bravo, nearly a photo for every two miles you drived. -anne

  3. Welcome back to Minnesota. Good to see you at the game last night.

  4. Good to have you back in our fair state for a bit. As Linus might say, it's not such a bad state, all it needs is a little love.

    On another note, I happen to be sufficiently clueless about my surroundings that with both the Gateway Arch and the Eiffel Tower, I saw them for the first time in my life when I was almost directly underneath. Such is the bliss of ignorance!

  5. yes, what is this hospital thing about, ben??

  6. Unfortunately for the blog, but fortunately for me, the hospital visit wasn't anything very interesting. I woke up one morning in Columbia, Mississippi with my right eye totally sore and gummed shut. An unrealistically beautiful eye doctor diagnosed viral conjunctivitis and gave me steroids to put in my eye, which cleared it up pretty much instantly, though I had to continue dosing myself for a week.
    I had to drive 30 miles to get to the clinic, through driving rain and tornado warnings. When I got there and was being examined by a nurse I explained my situation, and the fact that I was just passing through. She said, "Tornados and pink eye, huh? Welcome to Mississippi."

  7. oh, that is too funny. her comment, i mean. not that you almost became a cyclops. :)

  8. Let's try to get together while you are in town. It would be nice to catch up.

  9. Ben, you need to drop me an email so I have your address.