Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Next Stop: Fame

Two of my photos are on display at the San Jose Convention Center for the next few days. If you happen to be at the convention center, and you scan the QR code under the pictures with your handy smart phone, you end up here on my blog, which you probably can't read on that tiny little screen. Welcome!

Each of the photos is a panorama composited from 10 separate pictures. The raw files were first adjusted in Lightroom and then stitched together in Photoshop. Content Aware Fill was handy in assembling both of these compositions.

Panorama 1 was taken at the Brooklyn Roundhouse in Portland, Oregon.

Panorama 3 was taken at the Oakland Athletics ballpark in Oakland, California.

What happened to Panorama 2? I submitted three photos to the show, and only the two above were selected. Interestingly, Panorama 2 is my favorite of the three. If I'd been submitting only one, this is the one I would have chosen to submit. I guess there's no accounting for (my) taste. Panorama 2 was taken at the Hoover Dam, from the Arizona side.


  1. Hey Ben! This is Holly (from the now-defunct SF Brunch and Books Club) stopping in to say hello!

    Hello! And how are you and what are you up to?

  2. Greetings and hallucinations Ben! nice pictures. The composition of 1 is neat.
    - Chris B-N


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